The T’ai Chi Companion

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Hey everybody! It’s finally here – the new media-rich book The T’ai Chi Companion, including extensive videos and clear, diagrammed instructions on the Yang 24-movement short form.
This is a brand new type of book – one that has LOTS of embedded video from the classic T’ai Chi in Paradise PBS series, plus clips and scenes from the recent T’ai Chi Minute series – and some footage never seen before!
If you click the link below, you’ll be taken directly to my book’s page on the iTunes bookstore. There you can scan through screenshots, download a free preview – and buy the book! Please – write a review. Those are always verrrry much appreciated!
For those of you who read on a Kindle or Nook, not to worry – The T’ai Chi Companion will soon be available on those devices as well. Stay tuned…


The T'ai Chi Companion - David-Dorian Ross